Adviser Directory

Each student has a specific financial aid adviser - assigned based on the first letters of a student's last name (see the Alpha Sections below). However, advisers can help any student and at least one adviser is available on a drop-in basis each weekday.

You may also schedule an appointment to meet with your assigned adviser or you may write your adviser directly (making sure to put your student ID at the top of each page):

Financial Aid & Scholarship Office
205 Hahn Student Services
1156 High Street, Santa Cruz, CA 95064.

Patrick Register Patrick Register


Apri MedinaAprí Medina

Associate Director, Advising

Jessica Moore Jessica Moore
Assistant Director, Customer Service/Special Programs      

Alpha Section: A- BAQ

Liz Martin-Garcia Liz Martin-Garcia              

Financial Aid Adviser/Analyst         

Alpha Section: Dreamers       

Jorge MaganaJorge Magaña
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: BAR-COM

Lorena RodriguezLorena Rodriguez
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: CON - GAO

Linda CoppLinda Copp
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: GAP - IP
Education Abroad (EAP)   (A - L)

Margie SpanoMargie Spano
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: IQ - LUH

Rebecca LevelleRebecca Levelle
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: LUI - NI
Scholarships & Smith Scholars

Rocky BarreraRocky Barrera
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: NJ - ROL

Ann ThottamAnn Thottam
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: ROM - TH

Susan GirardSusan Girard
Financial Aid Adviser
Alpha Section: TI - Z
Education Abroad (EAP) (M-Z)

Diana SmithDiana Smith
Grad Students

Smith & Regents Scholars

Maria OrozcoMaria Orozco                                 

Social Media & Communications Adviser