California Dream Act

Apply for aid using the California Dream Act Application

The passage of California Dream Acts — AB 130 and AB 131 — extend eligibility for certain types of institutional and state aid to undocumented students. In order to be eligible, students must also qualify for benefits under another California law — AB 540 — which exempts students from paying non-resident supplemental tuition.  We refer to our students as "Dreamers". The Financial Aid Office and UC Santa Cruz are highly committed to the success of Dreamer students, and are proud of the many Dreamers who have been selected to join our campus.  Beyond financial resources, we offer many support programs and a support advocacy group for our dreamers.  Welcome to our campus and community!

If you are not eligible to receive aid by submitting the FAFSA and you meet the AB540 criteria, submit the The Dream Application now for 2014-15 benefits, including state Cal Grants and institutional aid.

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