Important Next Steps You Must Take to Receive Financial Aid

March 17, 2015

By Financial Aid and Scholarship Office 831-459-2963


Click here for the brochure version of instructions on the steps you need to complete in order for your financial aid to pay towards your bill. You must be enrolled in at least 6 credits in order for any aid to pay out.  To retain full financial aid 12 or more credits are required.

Accepting Aid

Students are notified via email when their aid offer is posted to MyUCSC.  Students may accept or decline the aid that is offered.  Offered loans may be reduced or declined. Navigate to your Student Center on MyUCSC to view your awards. Under the Finances section, click on View Financial Aid then Aid Year 2016 to view your Award Summary. After you have accepted/declined your awards, follow the steps below that apply to you.

To Receive the Loans You Accept, You Must...

  • Use your FAFSA PIN to complete a Federal Direct Loan Master Promissory Note (MPN) AND Loan Entrance Counseling at under “Manage My Direct Loan.” These are needed one time only the first time you accept a Direct Loan at UCSC.

  • Complete a Perkins Loan Master Promissory Note from the link on the “Award Summary” page in MyUCSC if you accepted a Federal Perkins Loan.

  • Parents may apply for a Federal Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS) and complete a PLUS Master Promissory Note online using their FAFSA PIN at

Grant Permission


To ensure your aid pays miscellaneous charges such as course or lab fees, you must grant permission. On MyUCSC, under Finances select “View Student Permissions.”

Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Funds remaining after your bill is paid are refunded to students via check or Direct Deposit to your bank account beginning the first day of each quarter. If the remaining funds are from a parent PLUS loan, the refund will be sent to the parent unless they specified on their PLUS loan application to be sent to the student.  The fastest way to receive funds is Direct Deposit. If you don’t sign up for direct deposit, a check is mailed to the mailing address you provide in MyUCSC.


Other Information

Financial aid is posted to student bills on the schedule below.   Even if your aid has not posted to your bill by the billing deadline, subtract your pending/anticipated aid (aid you have accepted for the quarter) from the amount you owe and pay the difference by the bill due date.  You will not be charged late fees if your bill is fully paid when your aid is posted to your bill. 

Dates Financial Aid will Credit Student Bills

2015-16 Academic Year
Fall September 16, 2015
Winter December 27, 2015
Spring March 21, 2016
Summer Session 1 June 16, 2016
Summer Session 2 July 20, 2016

Part-time Employment

UC students are expected to invest in their education by taking loans and earning part of the funds they need to cover their costs. Jobs on campus and in the city of Santa Cruz during the year are highly competitive and it is difficult to find employment. Working at home during summers and breaks is an alternative. If you accept a Federal Work-Study offer, you are eligible to apply for part time work-study jobs but a position is not guaranteed. Begin your search early and check for new job postings periodically throughout the year.

Job Search Strategies

Check the jobs posted online at the Career Center website where some on campus jobs are posted as well as some jobs in the local community. Not all campus jobs are posted with the Career Center. Another way to locate on-campus jobs is through networking. Examples include talking to students, staff and faculty at your college, in your dorm and dining hall and in academic departments. The Career Center can help you with resume writing and job search strategies.

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