Undergraduate Net Price Calculator

Estimate how much financial aid a student might receive at UC Santa Cruz using our net price calculator at the link below. The Calculator is intended to provide a rough idea of types and amounts of aid based on the information that is input for students who qualify to apply for federal student aid. (See eligibility.)

By answering a few simple questions, this tool will present an early estimate of what it costs to attend UC Santa Cruz as a full-time undergraduate student and the amount of financial aid the student may receive.  You must submit a FAFSA to be considered for financial aid.  Aid amounts may be different on your official aid offer.  However, the more accurate the figures used in this calculator, the closer the estimate will be to your official offer.  This is not an actual financial aid offer.


What you will need:      
  • Most recent income tax returns filed by the student and the student's parent(s)
  • Most recent W-2 forms and/or pay stubs with year-to-date information for the student and parent(s)
  • Current bank and investment statements and valuation of rental properties.  Include business value for businesses with more than 100 employees.

Note: Entering information in the net price calculator is not an application for aid. For complete aid application instructions, see Applying.

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