Changes in a Family's Financial Situation

 Appeal for Financial Aid Review      

If your family is facing a change in financial circumstances that occurred since January 1st of last year or since you completed your FAFSA, you and/or your parent(s) may write a letter to the Financial Aid Office explaining and documenting the special situation. In addition to the letter, please submit the required documentation listed below for your circumstance:

Reason to Appeal

Documents Required

Parent(s) Loss of Job/Reduction of Wages

  • Parent Future Year Income form (if not already submitted), and
  • Verification of Taxed and Untaxed Income form (if dependent and not already submitted), and
  • Copy of termination letter, and
  • Documentation of Severance Package/Accrued Vacation/sick days (if applicable), and
  • Documentation of Unemployment Benefits, and
  • Copy of Last Paycheck Stub showing Year-to-Date Earnings

Student Loss of Job/ Reduction of Wages            

Uninsured Medical Expenses

Separation or Divorce

Private Elementary Tuition Expense

  • Signed copy of most recent tax return (if not already   submitted), and
  • Copy of school’s enrollment contract that includes name(s) of child(ren) enrolled during the academic year, tuition cost, and the amount of any scholarship that subsidize tuition.


High mortgage costs, credit card/consumer debt, and other discretionary expenses incurred will not be considered in our evaluation of your financial aid eligibility.

You will be considered for available funding including loans.