Steps to Receive Aid

To receive your financial aid complete the follow steps if applicable. Federal, state and institutional aid must be accepted within the applicable academic periods or deadlines specified for each award.  By accepting any financial aid award, you are agreeing to the Policies and Conditions published on the financial aid website:

1) Accept Your Aid

Students are notified via email when their aid offer is posted to MyUCSC. To accept/decline your awards, log-in to your MyUCSC student portal using your CruzID and gold password. Click on the Finanical Aid icon, then the Accept/Decline awards tab. Click on the correct academic year (i.e. 2018-19=2019) and select the awards you want to accept. Please note: offered loans may be reduced or declined.

2) Estimate Your Bill

After accepting your financial aid offer, use the Payment Estimator to estimate how much you will owe for the term after your aid credits your student account

3) Complete Loan Requirements

If you choose to borrow and you are a first time loan borrower, you will need to complete a promissory note, entrance counseling online, and read disclosure statements as applicable for the loan you accept. You can link to specific steps for types of loans below:

4) Grant Permission

If you would like your aid to pay miscellaneous charges such as health insurance, course or lab fees, ect. you must grant permission. On MyUCSC, under Finances select “View Student Permissions.”

5) Sign Up for Direct Deposit

Funds remaining after your bill is paid are refunded to students via check or Direct Deposit to your bank account beginning the first day of each quarter. The fastest way to receive funds is Direct Deposit. If you don’t sign up for direct deposit, a check is mailed to the mailing address you provide in MyUCSC. If the remaining funds are from a parent PLUS loan, the refund will be sent to the parent unless they specified on their PLUS loan application to be sent to the student.

Other Important Information

Job Search Strategies

UC students are expected to invest in their education by taking loans and earning part of the funds they need to cover their costs. If you accept a Federal Work-Study offer, you are eligible to apply for part time work-study jobs but a position is not guaranteed. Check the jobs posted online at the Career Center website where some on campus jobs are posted as well as some jobs in the local community. Not all campus and off-campus jobs are posted with the Career Center.

Another way to locate on-campus jobs is through networking. Examples include talking to students, staff and faculty at your college, in your dorm and dining hall and in academic departments. The Career Center can help you with resume writing and job search strategies.


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