AB 540 Eligibility Requirements

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In October 12, 2001 Governor Gray Davis signed into law the Assembly Bill 540 which created a new exemption for non-resident tuition payments for undocumented students who have attended a California High School and received a high school diploma or its equivalent.

Below you will find some information about the AB 540 eligibility requirements. However, If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar at 831-459-4412. You can also visit their website for additional information.

To qualify under the AB 540 law, undocumented students must meet the following requirements:

  • AB 2000 EligibilityScreen Shot 2015-02-05 at 10.31.20 AM.png

    • Have attended a California high school (between grades 9 through 12) for 3 or more academic years.

    • Graduate from a California high school with a diploma, or obtain the equivalent of a G.E.D.; or a passing score on the California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE).

    • Register or currently enrolled at an accredited institution of higher education in California.

    • Must file an affidavit as required by the University of California, Santa Cruz. This will ensure that the undocumented student pays in-state tuition.

  • AB 540 Ineligibility:

    • If you  hold a valid non-immigrant visa (F, J, H, L, E, etc.)

    • An ineligible student is someone who does not meet the AB-540 criterion. If this is your situation, you can still attend a university or college as long as you meet the admission criteria and are accepted by the institution. However, you will pay non-resident fees, more commonly known as out-of state tuition.

  • Apply for the AB 540 Affidavit. This AB 540 document serves for two main purposes:

    • To verify that the students meet the educational requirements
    • To certify the intent to establish legal residency (to make you eligible to pay in-state tuition)

The affidavit and support documentation of high school attendance and graduation should be submitted after the university makes an admission offer and before the student pays tuition and fees. Student information obtained this way is strictly confidential unless disclosure is required under law. Click here to apply.



AB 540 pdf Form

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