Grant Programs

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    UC Santa Cruz Grants

     UC Santa Cruz offers different grant programs for undegraduate students who are California residents. These grants are funded by the University of California and are awarded based on financial need. Students must meet application deadlines to be considered for grants. Grants must be accepted on your MyUCSC student portal. Awards not accepted prior to the end of your first term of attendance may be rescinded.

    The UC Santa Cruz Grant is offered to undergraduate students that show financial need. We determine your financial need by taking the total cost of attendance and subtracting your expected family contribution derived from your FAFSA Application.

    The Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan is for students whose family total income is less than $80,000. Under the Blue and Gold Plan, students are guaranteed to receive enough gift aid from all sources to cover UC tuition and fees.

    We also award the UC Health Insurance Grant to applicants who meet all financial aid deadlines to cover the cost of University Student Health Insurance (USHIP). Students who elect to waive USHIP fees will not be eligible for USHIP Grant. The maximum amount of this award for 2016-2017 is $2,877 depending upon financial need.

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    Federal Pell Grant

    Pell Grants are variable for undergraduates based on family contribution. The maximum Pell Grant for 2016-2017 is $5,815.  Awards are adjusted for students enrolled in less than 12 credits in a term. 

    Adjustments are made for part-time enrollment after the add/drop deadline for each term as follows: 3/4 grant for 9-11 credits; 1/2 grant for 6-8 credits; 1/4 grant for enrollment in less than 6 credits for some students and zero for others.

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    Cal Grant A & B (California residents)

    Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B are awarded by the California Student Aid Commission to California residents who meet eligibility requirements and who demonstrate financial need and academic achievement. In addition to submitting a financial aid application before March 2nd every year, first time applicants must also complete and submit the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form no later than March 2nd (postmarked deadline). Cal Grant A and B awards pay UC Tuition and Student Services Fees. See the UCSC Registrar's fee schedule to determine the grant amount. Cal Grant B Access awards are $1,670 and will be applied towards the student bill unless the student requests otherwise in writing. Graduate students in the MA Education program who received a Cal Grant as an undergraduate student may apply for a 5th year of benefits. See applying for more information.

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    Middle Class Scholarship

    The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) program provides funding to help middle-class students attend the University of California or California State University.

    For UC students, the goal of this funding is to provide scholarships that help cover up to 40% of UC’s systemwide tuition and fees.

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    Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG)

    SEOG is awarded to undergraduate students who demonstrate significant financial need.  These grants supplement the UC Santa Cruz Grant program. Students must meet application deadlines to be considered for this grant.

  • Federal Teach Grant/Loan

    Graduate MA Education students who meet eligibility criteria may apply for a Federal Teach Grant/Loan.  The fact sheet provides more information - click on the link for this grant.  In exchange for receiving this grant, you must sign an Agreement to Serve. This grant converts to a loan with retroactive interest if the Service Agreement is not fulfilled.

    Please Note:  New grants in the program are on hold due to federal fund sequestration

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