Summer Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for current UC Santa Cruz students who enroll in UCSC Summer Session or in summer at another UC campus. Students should not expect to receive the same amount of aid available to them during fall, winter and spring quarters.

Financial Aid Eligibility Requirements

Please note: you will be offered aid based on your enrollment and will be notified once your awards for summer are ready for you to accept/decline via your MyUCSC student portal. There is no separate application for summer aid.

  • Must enroll in 6+ credits by June 1st to be considered for federal and state aid
  • Must enroll and complete 10+ credits and be a California resident to be considered for the Summer University Grant
  • If you enroll after June 1 and want to be considered for aid, contact us directly so we are aware

If you can pay out of pocket, these credit minimums do not apply to you.

Other Important Summer Details

  • You are NOT required to pay your tuition and fees before you receive aid.
  • If you enroll at another UC Campus, your financial aid from UC Santa Cruz will be paid to you directly and it is your responsibility to pay your summer charges.
  • Summer Tuition is $273 per credit for all students
  • There is a campus fee of $287 (not applicable to online courses, Independent/field studies)
  • Complete 15+ credits and receive a discount of $680!
  • Credits can be completed in one or more sessions
  • Aid for summer session 1 will credit student bills on June 19, 2017
  • Aid for summer session 2 will credit student bills on July 24, 2017

Financial Aid Available for Summer

  • Summer UC Santa Cruz Grant: Summer UC Santa Cruz Grant may be available to help cover part of tuition and fees.
  • Cal Grants: Undergraduate students expected to graduate at the end of summer may use Cal Grant if they have remaining eligibility. Graduate students enrolled during summer in the five-quarter UCSC Education Master's program who received a Cal Grant as an undergraduate, are eligible to apply for a fifth year Cal Grant. Submit form G-42, Request for Cal Grant 5th Year Benefits to CSAC.

  • Academic Department Awards: Some graduate students enrolled in summer may qualify for funding from their academic departments. Contact your department for more information.

  • Federal Direct Student Loans: Undergraduate and graduate students may be eligible if they have not used the annual (or lifetime) limit for their grade level during the 2016-17 academic year.

  • Federal Grad Plus Loans: Graduate students may apply for the Grad PLUS to help with the cost of attending classes in summer.

  • Federal Direct Parent Loan for Undergraduate Students (PLUS): Parents may apply for a PLUS to help undergraduate students with the cost of attending summer session.

If you plan to enroll at another UC Campus, you must complete and submit the Summer Intercampus Financial Aid Application to our office no later than June 1st, 2017.