UC Santa Cruz scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office and by campus departments. Graduate Fellowships are awarded to graduate students by academic departments. Each year, about 2,200 undergraduate students receive scholarships from campus, government  and private sources. More than 670 graduate students receive fellowships from campus, government and private sources. 

All students are automatically considered for scholarships - an application is not required. Students applying for admission to UC Santa Cruz are encouraged to complete the scholarship section of the admission application.  Graduate students should contact their academic department for information.

The major scholarship programs administered by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office for undergraduate students are listed below.

  • Phyllis Wilhelm, Regent Scholar

    Regents Scholarship

    This is UC Santa Cruz's most prestigious scholarship, and is awarded annually to approximately 50 incoming undergraduates, including freshmen (for four years) and entering advanced standing students (for two years). Applicants to UC Santa Cruz are automatically considered for the Regents scholarship. In addition to a monetary award, scholars receive priority enrollment and a campus housing guarantee.

    Regents Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  • Dani Molina - Campus Merit Scholar

    Campus Merit Scholarship

    Campus Merit Scholarships are funded by university alumni and friends. Scholarships are awarded to students in recognition of both academic achievement and demonstrated financial need. Each year, about 1,100 students receive renewable scholarships which pay from $500 to $1,500 per year.

    Merit Scholarship Terms and Conditions

  • Deutron Kebebew, Karl S. Pister Scholar

    Karl S. Pister Scholarship

    The Karl S. Pister Leadership opportunity Awards Program was established in 1993 by former chancellor Karl S. Pister to increase opportunities for talented community college students who want to transfer to UCSC. Awards are $10,000 per year for two years.
  • Yvonne Rodriquez, Alumni Scholarship Recipient

    Alumni Scholarship

    The UCSC Alumni Association distributes scholarships each year to new and current students. Students do not apply for this scholarships. The awards honor high-achieving students who have compelling financial need. These students are selected by the Alumni Association Council members in partnership with the Financial Aid office. For more information contact the Alumni Association.
  • Page and Eloise Smith

    Page and Eloise Smith Scholarship

    The Page and Eloise Smith Scholastic Society helps former foster youth, orphans, wards of the court, and homeless youth achieve their dream of a college education. The Smith Society offers a wide array of student support services, a close and caring community, and various opportunities to become involved. 

    Some of our Smith students created a video to share their stories.   

  • Undergraduate Dean's Award

    This award recognizes the academic and cultural contributions our non-resident students make to our community of scholars. The Dean's award is intended to offset non-resident tuition and will be rescinded if the student becomes a California resident.

    The Undergraduate Dean's Scholarships and Awards range from $12,000 to $40,000, split over four years for freshmen. For transfer students, the awards range from $6,000 to $20,000 over two years. For example, if you are offered a $12,000 Deans Award, the amount per year you are expected to receive is $3,000. If you receive a Deans Award of $40,000, the allocation per year is $10,000. For transfer students, if you are offered the $20,000 Deans Award, you will receive $10,000 per year, and if your award is only $6,000, then amount per year is $3000.

  • Restricted Scholarships

    Scholarships are for students who meet one or more of the criteria established by the donor. Criteria vary - examples include county/city of residence, special interests, and major field of study. Students who meet donor criteria are automatically considered for scholarships - no separate application is required. However, it is important to respond to the scholarship questions on the UC admission application when you apply for admission.