Satisfactory Academic Progress

Filing an Undergraduate Appeal

Students can regain eligibility for financial aid by submitting an appeal in cases where there have been extenuating circumstances beyond the student's control that prevented him/her/them from meeting Financial Aid SAP requirements. Examples include the death of a close relative, a serious injury/illness, and/or change of major. Typical processing time varies from quarter to quarter, so students are encouraged to submit an appeal as soon as To-Do Lists are assigned, as noted below. 

International Students must appeal by an online eForm. The form will be assigned to students via their MyUCSC To-Do List who are identified as not meeting the financial aid SAP Policy.

Reason to Appeal Documents Required
Time to Degree                                      

If you need to complete additional credits in the current academic year, you must meet with your academic preceptor/adviser to complete a SAP Graduation Plan. You are required to submit the following two forms online here:* 

  • Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeal, and
  • Scanned copy of the completed and signed SAP Graduation Plan

GPA/Pace Deficit                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

If you have not passed an average of 12 credits per quarter and/or do not have a minimum 2.0 GPA, you must Appeal your financial aid status.* To do so:

*If you are logging in for the first time to MyAid Verify, you’ll need to activate your account by providing your First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and SSN/CSAC ID that matches your FAFSA/Dream application.

Deadline to Submit Your Appeal

The Add/Drop/Swap Enrollment deadline for the term you are appealing for aid.

Appeal Results

Students are notified by e-mail of the outcome of their appeal. If the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office approves your appeal, you will be placed on financial aid probation.


*If you are returning from a leave of absence and cannot access the online appeal form due to issues with “Gold” password, follow instructions, and if needed, contact ITS at or call 831-459-HELP (9-4357).

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