Graduate Satisfactory Academic Progress

To remain eligible for financial aid, you must meet three measures of satisfactory academic progress.

  1. Cumulative GPA requirements

    Rather than a specific GPA, as a Graduate student, you must maintain good academic standing to meet the GPA requirement.

  2. The minimum pace required to complete a degree within the maximum time frame

    Graduate students who have not advanced to candidacy must earn at least 25 units each year; Graduate students who advanced to candidacy must pass at least 15 units per year and complete their program within 3 years.

  3. The maximum time frame for degree completion

    The maximum time frame for graduate students varies depending on your degree program. See the Graduate Handbook for details.

To maintain financial aid eligibility, you must meet all three measures.  If you receive a To-Do List item indicating that you have not met one or more of the Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements for financial aid, you will be given the option to complete an online appeal.