Financial Aid Appeals

Students and/or their families may appeal for a re-evaluation of their eligibility for financial assistance based on unique special circumstances (examples below), and students may appeal for Satisfactory Academic Progress if they lose financial aid eligibility. See the sidebar for additional information on the type of appeals.

Examples of circumstances we will consider include:

  • Loss of income due to layoff, loss of employment
  • Major repairs after a natural disaster
  • High medical costs not covered by insurance
  • Increased educational expenses above our standard budgets
  • Extension of financial aid beyond 15 quarters or regaining eligibility (from not meeting academic progress) due to extenuating cirucmstances
  • Dependency status re-evaluations due to adverse home situations
  • Unforseen circumstances that prevented on-time submission of documents and/or financial aid application

Note: High mortgage costs, credit card / consumer debt, and other discretionary expenses incurred in many households will not be considered in our evaluation of your eligibility for financial aid.

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