Other Financial Benefits

Girl with mascot, Sammy the SlugResident Assistants

Students who live and work in campus-owned residence halls receive reduced housing charges in exchange for their services - at UC Santa Cruz this is known as a "perquisite".  Similar to wages earned, the reduced charges/perquisite must be reported as income received when applying for financial aid in future years. The perquisite does not affect your aid for the current year. It is factored into the EFC calculation for future academic years. When completing a FAFSA, refer to our FAFSA Guidelines for Residential Assistants.The housing positions for which perquisites are offered include:

  • Resident Assistants (RAs)
  • Neighborhood Assistants (NAs)
  • Food Service Advisers Duty Monitors (DMs)
  • Village Residential Assistants
  • Family Student Housing Resident Assistants