Student workers at orientation

Federal Work-Study

Federal Work-Study is a need-based program. A Work-Study option will be offered as financial aid to eligible students who submit a FAFSA application. Students must apply for part-time jobs and may earn up to the amount of the Work-Study award they accept. There is no employment guarantee - jobs are competitive. Developing a professional resume and beginning the job search early in the fall is a good idea. Staff at the Career Center are available to assist with resume writing and job search techniques.

The Career Success website provides all the information needed to search for a job and get hired. Apply for both Work-Study and non-Work-Study jobs to maximize your chances of finding employment.

Students are not required to earn and use the Work-Study they are offered, and there is no penalty if it is not used. Work-Study does not directly apply to the bill; instead, the student earns a paycheck to use toward educational expenses. Paychecks are issued on a bi-weekly basis.

Students must stop working if they take a leave of absence or withdraw from UC Santa Cruz.

Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP)

Students may be eligible to apply for on-campus, paid research opportunities through the Leaning-Aligned Employment Program (LAEP). The Learning Aligned Employment Program (LAEP) is a nine-year, state-funded, work-based learning program similar to federal work-study. Eligible students come from underrepresented backgrounds and meet the following criteria: 

  • Maintain at least half-time academic enrollment

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress in their undergraduate degree program

  • Have demonstrated financial need (determined by Financial Aid & Scholarships Office)

  • Classified as a California resident

  • Are eligible to work in the United States.

Students may access and apply to current LAEP research jobs in Handshake hereFor more information, Contact the UCSC Career Success

Institutional Work-Study

Students who have an active work authorization (not expired) and who have submitted a CA Dream Application are eligible to participate in UCSC Institutional Work-Study. This program provides an opportunity to apply for part-time work-study jobs on-campus. Positions are competitive, and students are not guaranteed to obtain a work-study job.

If hired, students may earn wages up to the amount of their UCSC Institutional Work-Study award. Visit the UCSC Career Center, located in the Baytree Bookstore Building, for information on jobs on campus. You can also visit their website at 




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