Federal Work-Study

Student workers at orientationFederal Work-Study is a need-based program. A Work-Study option will be offered as financial aid to eligible students who submit a FAFSA application. Students must apply for part-time jobs and may earn up to the amount of the Work-Study award they accept. There is no employment guarantee - jobs are competitive. It is a good idea to develop a professional resume and begin the job search early in the fall.  Staff at the Career Center are available to assist with resume writing and job search techniques.

The Career Success website provides all the information needed to search for a job and get hired.  Apply for both Work-Study and non-Work-Study jobs to maximize chances of finding employment.

Students are not required to earn and use the Work-Study they are offered and there is no penalty if it is not used. Work-Study does not directly apply towards the bill; instead, the student earns a paycheck to use towards educational expenses. Paychecks are issued on a bi-weekly basis.

Students must stop working if they take a leave of absence or withdraw from UC Santa Cruz.

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