Graduation, Withdrawal & Leaves of Absence

Graduation and Leaves of Absences

When you graduate or if you take a leave of absence from your studies, it is important to complete the online loan exit counseling. This counseling provides important information on loan repayment, deferment, and forbearance options.  For more information on these requirements, click on the link(s) below associated with the type of loan(s) you borrowed. 

Federal Direct Loan Programs

University Loan Program

California Dream Loan Program 

Withdrawing During a Term or Summer Session

If you withdraw during a term or summer session, your financial aid will be prorated based on the number of days you attended.  The withdrawal date is the date you notify your college/academic preceptor of your intent to withdraw. During summer, it is the date you notify the Summer Session Office of your intent to withdraw.  For fall, winter or spring withdrawals, you may use our withdrawal calculator to estimate how your financial aid will change if you withdraw. 

Refer to Financial Aid Procedures for Students Who Withdraw Mid-Term for details. 

If you plan to withdraw completely from Summer Session and receive W's in your courses, please contact the Summer Session Office for a withdrawal form.

Withdrawing Before the Start of the Term - all financial aid awards will be canceled for the quarter(s) from which you are withdrawing. 

All W and/or F Grades - please see "Consequences of All F and/or W Grades" on How Academic Progress Affects Your Financial Aid.

Summer Withdrawal Policy

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