Types of Aid

There are 2 basic types of financial aid: gift aid and self help aid.  Use the links below for information about various aid programs. Federal, state and institutional aid must be accepted within the applicable academic periods or deadlines specified for each award. By accepting any financial aid award, you are agreeing to the Policies and Conditions published on the financial aid website: https://financialaid.ucsc.edu/eligibility-requirements/index.html

Gift Aid includes grants, scholarships and other benefits (such as Veteran's Benefits); these do not need to be repaid.

Graduate fellowships are not listed on this site.  Graduate students should refer to the UC Santa Cruz Division of Graduate Studies and contact their department for more information about fellowships.

Self-Help Aid includes student loans and work-study; these must be repaid or earned. Loans are available for both undergraduate and graduate students while work-study is available for undergraduate students only.  Graduate students may receive teaching/research assistantships from their academic department.