UC Santa Cruz scholarships are awarded to undergraduate students by the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office and by campus departments. Graduate Fellowships are awarded to graduate students by academic departments. Each year, about 2,200 undergraduate students receive scholarships from campus, government  and private sources. More than 670 graduate students receive fellowships from campus, government and private sources. 

All students are automatically considered for scholarships - an application is not required. Students applying for admission to UC Santa Cruz are encouraged to complete the scholarship section of the admission application.  Graduate students should contact their academic department for information.

Click on the links to the left to explore the different scholarship programs administered by the UCSC Financial Aid and Scholarship Office and some of the private scholarship opportunities available for students.

  • Restricted Scholarships

    Scholarships are for students who meet one or more of the criteria established by the donor. Criteria vary - examples include county/city of residence, special interests, and major field of study. Students who meet donor criteria are automatically considered for scholarships - no separate application is required. However, it is important to respond to the scholarship questions on the UC admission application when you apply for admission.