Deutron Kebebew

August 24, 2011


"Chancellor Pister's vision and leadership, and the generosity of the alumni community, have enabled me to dream a bold dream and to see higher education as a desirable and available path for achieving that dream."

Electrical Engineering

Karl S. Pister Scholarship

After Graduation
Employed by the Santa Cruz Community Counseling Center, working initially with foster youth and now on a major research project studying the impact of father involvement on children.

Born in Ethiopia.  As a child, moved with his father to the U.S.  At 14, landed in California's foster care system.  Ran for vice president of his junior high class and won.  Threw himself into student government, clubs, and schoolwork, eventually receiving the Pister Leadership Opportunity Award that enabled him to attend UCSC.

Member of the Smith Scholastic Society, mentoring UCSC students who were former foster children.  Loves playing soccer.