Lonny Jones

August 12, 2011


"I can say with certainty that I would not be here, if not for the Regents Scholarship."

Regents Scholarship

Lonny grew up in Salida, Calif.  While his working-class family never had much money, he was determined  Lonny eaarned a 4.43 GPA in high school and was class valedictorian.  But even with his grades and his family's expectation that he would attend college, costs made it seem nearly out of reach.  Then he was awarded a UC Regents Scholarship for students of outstanding academic achievement.

How has UC Santa Cruz changed his life?
The Regents Scholarship introduced Lonny to a network of successful people - donors and campus officials he met at scholarship events.  In addition to his studies, he volunteers at the Suicide Prevention hotline in Santa Cruz.  "I can't fix the issue for them, but I can be there for them; I can listen to them.  It's deeply and personally rewarding."  Lonny's goal is to go to graduate school, combining clinical psychology and sociology as a way to look at the "big picture" issues, such as the effect of our country's mental health system on individuals.