Phyllis Wilhelm

August 10, 2011


"I turned down Berkeley to come here, and I'm glad I did.  My scholarship gave me the incentive to choose a university that has a depth, personality, and the ability to inspire."

Regents Scholarship

Plans after graduation
To write novels and poems, and teach literature or creative writing at a community college

Phyllis is president of the USC chapter of the Regents Scholars Association.  In addition to her studies and leadership, Phyllis volunteers at her hometown blood bank.  In her spare time, she writes fiction and enjoys dirt biking, camping, traveling, and swimming.

Since coming to UCSC, how have you changed?
"Living and studying in such a unique environment makes me more aware of alternative perspectives.  My courses also change me; a course called Gothic Imagination transformed the way I understand myself.  Every course I take gives me something lasting."