Victor Hernandez

August 14, 2011


 I want to work with people who have been totally forgotten.  It's and anonymous job, but if you reach just a few people, you can play a part in changing the face of civilization.

Karl S. Pister Scholarship

Following service in Vietnam and a 25-year Siilicon Valley career in hardware testing, signal acquisition and processing, and biotechnology, Victor discovered that he was learning disabled (LD).  He returned to school (community college before transferring to UC Santa Cruz) to learn how to help others who are LD.

Future plans
Obtaining a Ph.D. in clinical psychology or forensics and, ultimately, combining his newly gained education in psychology with his engineering background to create adaptive technologies for LD people.

Other activities and experiences
Working with correctional officers in adult facilities and juvenile halls to establish self-help support programs for the inmates.