Yonathan Essaw

August 05, 2011


"The people here are honest and open.  Everybody helps each other, and if you have something you need to talk about, its never hard to find someone to help you."


Karl S. Pister Scholarship

Plans after Graduation
To attend medical school or graduate school in a science field.

At the age of 12, Yonathan came to the U.S. from Ethiopia with his family.  Knowing no English and nothing of American culture, he adapted quickly and grew to like his new home.  "In Ethiopia, you can work hard and get nowhere, but here, if you work hard and chase your dream, if you really put your grind into it, you'll get it."

An active volunteer, Yonathan recently screened a film about child soldiers in Uganda.  "These children's conditions are very bad - there are 12-year-old children in Uganda with guns in their hands.  If we create awareness, people will be motivated to do something about it."