Summer Edge Costs & Grant Estimates


The tuition fee (per credit) for summer is $279 with a one-time campus fee of $321.90. Edge students are offered an additional 25% discount on tuition, which reduces the per credit cost to $209.25. Edge students must remain enrolled in the required 2-credit academic success course to receive this discount.

Grant Estimates for Summer Edge

You can use our summer edge calculator (coming soon!) to get an estimate of the total grant amount you may receive for Summer Edge. We encourage you to complete your 2021-22 financial aid application first and use the expected family contribution (EFC) from this application to get an estimate. You can also use the EFC determined by your 2022-23 financial aid application. This calculator generates an estimate based on the information you provide. If the information you provide is incorrect, your estimate may differ significantly from the final awards offered. All estimates are subject to the availability of funding.

Examples of Financial Aid Packages

First-Year Student, Dependent, 7 credits, 1000 Expected Family Contribution; 1 Session (5 weeks)

Transfer Student, 10 credits, 0 Expected Family Contribution; 2 sessions (8 or 10 weeks)

First Year Example of Billed Costs

Tuition: $1,787

Health Insurance: ~$500*

Total Billed Costs: $2,287

Transfer Example of Billed Costs

Tuition: $2,414

Health Insurance: ~$500*

Total Billed Costs: $2,914

Estimated Aid Available

-Grant $3,257
-Federal Direct Subsidized Loan $1,694
-Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan: $333

Aid Total: $5,284

Estimated Aid Available   

-Grant $5,600
-Federal Direct Subsidized Loan $4,047
-Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loan: $0

 Aid Total: $9,647

Grant funding available billed costs, and examples of aid packages are estimates and are subject to change. 

*Students are required to have medical insurance and can waive out of UC SHIP with comparable coverage. The rate listed is the 2020-2021 rate. See the Student Health Center for rates.