Eligibility Requirements

Federal, state, and institutional aid is available for current and newly matriculated UC Santa Cruz students who enroll in the Summer Quarter at another UC campus. To be considered for financial aid, students must complete a 2023-24 FAFSA or Dream Application and include our school code ( 001321) by June 30The "priority" enrollment date for most students is June 1.

In addition to completing the FAFSA or Dream Application, students must also:

  • Enroll and complete 6+ credits to be considered for federal and state aid 
  • Complete 8+ credits and be grant-eligible during the academic year to be considered for the Summer University Grant
  • Submit the Summer Intercampus Form to our office no later than June 1, 2024. Students must submit proof of enrollment along with the form.
  • If participating in a study abroad program through the Summer Intercampus Program, you must enroll and complete 6+ credits to be considered for federal, state, and the Summer University Grant. 
Please note: Once we receive the summer intercampus form with your proof of enrollment, you will be offered financial aid. Your financial aid from UC Santa Cruz will be paid to you directly. It is your responsibility to pay your summer charges. You must submit an unofficial transcript confirming you completed the credits you received aid for. Your financial aid will be canceled if it is not received by the due date. 

As you explore the option of participating in the summer intercampus program, there are some financial aid facts to keep in mind: 

  • Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be offered a combination of grant and loans or loans only depending on their need to meet the cost of attendance for the summer 
  • Students attending summer should not expect to receive the same financial aid provided during the fall, winter, and spring quarters.
  • Students participating in UCSC-approved summer special programs, including study abroad programs, and who enroll in 6 or more credits may be eligible for grant funding.
  • Credit minimums do not apply to students who do not receive aid or who can pay tuition out of pocket. 
  • Undergraduate Students with a Pell-eligible EFC enrolled in 6 or more credits may be eligible for grant funding.
Changes to Aid Eligibility
Financial aid may be canceled or decreased if eligibility requirements are unmet, resulting in a bill to your account. Your financial aid eligibility will decrease if:
  • If you drop below 8 credits. 
  • If you withdraw from a course or the summer quarter
  • If you take an incomplete “I” and receive non-passing (Fs, NP) grades
  • If you fail to provide an unofficial transcript confirming credit completion by the due date 

For information on our Summer Withdrawal Policy, click here

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