Eligibility Requirements

Summer Financial aid is available for current and newly matriculated UC Santa Cruz students who enroll in the Summer Quarter at UCSC or in summer at another UC campus. The "priority" enrollment date for most students is June 1. A 2020-21 FAFSA (or Dream Application) must be on file with our school code no later than June 30.

Students must:

  • Complete 6+ credits to be considered for federal and state aid
  • Complete 10+ credits to be considered for the Summer University Grant
  • Students should not expect the same amount of aid available during fall, winter, spring. If you do not receive aid or can pay tuition on your own, these credit minimums do not apply to you. 


  • Students with a Pell eligible EFC (less than 5711) enrolled in 6 or more credits may be eligible for grant funding.
  • Students participating in Summer Intercampus, UCSC Faculty Led or UCEAP study abroad programs enrolled in 6 or more credits may be eligible for grant funding. 
Changes to Aid Eligibility
If you drop credits or change the number of sessions you are enrolled in, your aid may be adjusted. Your financial aid eligibility will decrease if:
  • If you drop below 10 credits
  • If you were enrolled in 10 or more credits in Session 1 and Session 2 but then decide to take all 10 credits in one session
  • If you withdraw from a course or the summer quarter
  • If you take an incomplete “I” and receive non-passing (Fs, NP) grades

For information on our Summer Withdrawal Policy, click here

Please note: Changing the number of credits and/or the number of weeks you are enrolled in may decrease the amount of financial aid you receive. Below are some examples of how enrollment changes impact a student's grant eligibility. 

Example 1: Student enrolled in 8+ weeks, 10 credits, 0 Expected Family Contribution 

The same student drops to 7 credits, and remains enrolled in 8+ weeks, 0 Expected Family Contribution 

Tuition: $3,084

Total Estimated Grant: $5,600

Tuition: $2,247

Total Estimated Grant: $1,058

Example 2: Student enrolls in 10 weeks, 10 credits, 0 Expected Family Contribution 

Same student remains enrolled in 10 credits, but decides to enroll in a 5 week session instead of 8+ weeks; 0 Expected Family Contribution  


Tuition: $3,084

Total Estimated Grant: $5,600


Tuition: $3,084

Total Estimated Grant: $3,400


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