State Grants

Cal Grant A & B (California residents)

Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B are awarded by the California Student Aid Commission to California residents who meet eligibility requirements and who demonstrate financial need and academic achievement. In addition to submitting a financial aid application before March 2nd every year, first-time applicants must also complete and submit the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form no later than March 2nd (postmarked deadline). Cal Grant A and B awards pay UC Tuition and Student Services Fees. See the UCSC Registrar's fee schedule to determine the grant amount. Cal Grant B Access awards are $1,656 and will be applied towards the student bill unless the student requests otherwise in writing. Graduate students in the MA Education program who received a Cal Grant as an undergraduate student may apply for a 5th year of benefits. See applying for more information.

Middle Class Scholarship

The Middle Class Scholarship (MCS) program provides funding to help middle-class students attend the University of California or California State University.

For UC students, this funding aims to provide scholarships that help cover up to 40% of UC’s systemwide tuition and fees.

Pursuant to Education Code section 70023, MCS award amounts may be reduced at any time during the academic year if it is determined that the funds appropriated are insufficient to cover the projected MCS awards. 

Students with Dependents Grants 

Students with Dependent Grants of up to $6,000 are available to students who have dependent children that are under 18 years of age, and for whom they provide more than half of their financial support during the academic year. This grant is provided to Cal Grant recipients by the CA Student Aid Commission. 

This grant helps offset the loan/work expectation of a student's aid offer and the amount is contingent on the percent time enrolled per term. It will display as a Cal Grant Dep Access award.
For additional resources, our campus provides to student parents see the Student Parent section of the Student Success site.