UC Gender Recognition and Lived Name Policy

This policy went into effect November 6th, 2020 with full implementation required by December 31st, 2023

This policy states: 

  • UC must provide the minimum three gender options on university documents and IT Resource systems - non-binary, woman, man. 
  • UC must have an efficient process for current students, employees, and alumni to retroactively amend their gender designations and lived names on university-issued documents that do not require a legal name. 
  • The legal name of UC affiliates, if different than the individual’s lived name, must be kept confidential and must not be published on documents

Important Note: Whenever possible, Financial Aid will offer the minimum of three gender options, keep legal names confidential, and provide an efficient process for the use of lived names. However, due to Financial Aid’s need to adhere to federal policies there will be moments when the Financial Aid office is federally mandated to use Legal Names on file as well as sex assigned at birth.