March 22, 2020 - Financial Aid and Spring Housing Adjustments Email



Dear Student,

We appreciate your patience as we work as quickly and carefully as possible during this unprecedented challenge to provide you with information and resources in support of your educational goals.

As communicated in messages from Campus Housing, students who have completed the process to fully vacate their on-campus residence by required deadlines will receive a credit for housing and dining fees assessed or paid for spring quarter. These adjustments to your housing and dining charges may result in increased financial aid refunds for financial aid recipients (see the Financial Aid and Scholarship Office message of March 18 and the linked COVID-19 website).

The processing of housing and dining credits will be on-going throughout the next few weeks. Staff in Financial Aid are working in parallel, adjusting aid as quickly as possible, with some student financial aid refunds delayed as work proceeds. In spite of these efforts, it is anticipated there will be some students who will see multiple financial aid refunds or receive additional billing due to the processing timeline. As compared to the normal spring budget for students commuting from home or living with parents, the new remote student budget includes an additional $2,000. The additional budget items are intended to address expenses such as housing, food, technology setup for remote instruction, medical and other costs you may incur during the spring term.

Students may receive financial aid refunds, through direct deposit or checks from Student Business Services, when the total accepted aid is greater than expenses billed by the campus (such as for tuition and fees, on-campus housing and dining, and USHIP). For on-campus students, such financial aid refunds may be modest or may not exist. Changing to the new remote student budget may change your financial aid refund.

For students who normally receive financial aid refunds, the amounts will vary depending upon accepted aid and remaining charges on the student account. An example of the possible change in refunded amounts for a $0 Expected Family Contribution (EFC) California (CA) Resident student is below:

$0 EFC CA Resident, On-Campus Triple Room 5-day meal plan with USHIP

Total Spring Direct Cost/Billing: $10,332
Total Spring Aid : $10,332 (includes $1,167 loan)
Estimated Spring Refund $ 0


$0 EFC CA Resident, Remote Instruction with USHIP

Total Spring Direct Cost/Billing: $5,670
Total Spring Aid : $9,145 (includes $1,167 loan)
Estimated Spring Refund $ 3,475

Spring disbursement of financial aid is scheduled for March 23, with direct deposit refunds on March 25 and paper check processing occurring on March 31. While our offices are working as quickly as possible to resolve financial aid and housing adjustments, there may continue to be activity on your account in the following weeks.

Thank you again for your patience,

Financial Aid and Scholarships Office