Internship & Fellowship Opportunities

  • The Professional Career Development Program

    The Professional Career Development Program (PCDP) provides qualified students who are NOT currently eligible for federal funding. It gives students an opportunity to receive a $3,000 scholarship and gain professional skills and career development under the guidance of a mentor.
  • Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program

    CUIP provides on-campus internships in programs and departments throughout the campus. Interns work with a mentor to develop personal and professional skills, and take a leading role in producing project in their internship. A two-unit leadership seminar class is required for fall, winter and spring quarters. A scholarship of 8,200 dollars is paid towards the intern’s registration fees for the academic year.
  • A.R. E. Association of Raza Educators

    A.R.E. was established to uphold the rights and liberties of the Raza community. We believe that education is essential to the preservation of civil and human rights. It provides the foundation for all political and economic progress and it must be a basic right of all people. Making this right a reality is the fundamental objective of A.R.E. Raza has been and continues to be oppressed by the educational system within the United States. Therefore, we are obligated to ensure that education serves as a tool for the liberation of our community.               
  • Dream SF Fellowship

    The DreamSF Fellowship is an opportunity for immigrant youth to serve San Francisco’s immigrant communities while gaining paid professional experience and training. DreamSF Fellows commit to working 20 hours per week on a project-based fellowship with an immigrant-serving nonprofit or public organization. Additionally, Fellows receive weekly leadership development and professional skills training and a monthly stipend
  • Dream Summer Fellowship

    The Dream Summer program has provided 550+ fellowship opportunities to immigrant youth and allies throughout the nation. Past Dream Summer Fellows have engaged in social justice work and intersectional movement building by aligning the call for immigrant rights issues alongside the unique challenges of queer and transgender communities, Asian and Pacific Islander communities, Black immigrant communities, the ongoing mass incarceration and criminalization of people of color, and health care access for all.
  • IRT Summer Workshop

    The summer program includes lectures, writing conferences, films, and presentations. Students also prepare for the GRE and begin to work on their statements of purpose. Summer workshop participants receive a $1,200 stipend, travel expenses (for those traveling by plane or train), and room and board. This opportunity is open to undocumented students.

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