Types of Aid

AB 131 & AB 130 Grants & Scholarships: AB 131 and AB 130 allowed all students who qualify for AB 540 nonresident tuition exemptions, including those who are undocumented, to apply for Cal Grant awards and for scholarships and grants offered by California public colleges and universities.

  • UC Santa Cruz Grants

    • UC Santa Cruz Grants for undergraduate students who are California residents are funded by the University of California and are offered based on financial need. Students must meet application deadlines to be considered for grants.  Other UC grants include grants under the Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan for students whose family total income is less than $80,000. Under the Blue and Gold Plan, students are guaranteed to receive enough gift aid from all sources to cover UC tuition and fees.
  • Cal Grant A & B for Undocumented Students
    • Cal Grant A and Cal Grant B are awarded by the California Student Aid Commission to California residents who meet eligibility requirements and who demonstrate financial need and academic achievement. In addition to submitting a financial aid application before March 2nd every year, first time applicants must also complete and submit the Cal Grant GPA Verification Form no later than March 2nd (postmarked deadline). Cal Grant A and B awards pay UC Tuition and Student Services Fees.
  • Institutional Work-Study
    • If you have a work authorization that is active (not expired), you are eligible to participate in UCSC Institutional Work-Study. This program provides an opportunity to apply for part-time work-study jobs on-campus. Positions are competitive and there is no guarantee that you will obtain a work-study job.
    • If you are hired, you may earn wages up to the amount of your UCSC Institutional Work-Study award.  Visit the UCSC Career Center, located in the Baytree Bookstore Building, for information on jobs on campus. You can also visit their website at http://careers.ucsc.edu/index.
  • California DREAM Loan
    • The California DREAM Loan Program provides eligible undocumented AB 540 undergraduates with the option to borrow loans to help cover the cost of attending UC. The DREAM loan program, funded by the state and UC, aims to close that gap and provide eligible students with the opportunity to borrow student loans to help pay for their education. For more information, click here.
  • Departmental Scholarships
    • The different departments at the University of California at Santa Cruz offer a variety of scholarships based on your major. We strongly encourage you to apply. Contact your department for additional information on the scholarships available. 
  • Special Circumstances
    • Additional funds may be available on a case by case basis for students facing special circumstances. Please contact our office for additional information.

Private Scholarships: Applying for private scholarships can be time consuming, but  the rewards can be great. Scholarships help students meet their total cost of attendance not otherwise covered through the grants offered. If you receive a scholarship, stay in contact with the agency that funds it - let hem know how much you appreciate their support and re-apply every year.  If you are able to make a personal visit, your chances of future funding may be improved. To apply, click on the resources below.