On-Campus Resources for our Dream Students

  • The Chicano/ Latino Research Center

    • EL CENTRO offers a comfortable space for students who are eager to learn more about campus resources, Chican@ Latin@ student organizations, faculty and staff connections, and about opportunities for campus involvement.

  • Asian American / Pacific Islander Resource Center

    • The Asian American/Pacific Islander Resource Center (AA/PIRC) provides and enhances opportunities for education and dialogue on issues affecting Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, as well as opportunities for leadership development and community building. AA/PIRC aims to address students’ multiple and diverse academic, social, cultural, and other co-curricular needs through programs and services.
  • African American Resources Center

    • The African American Resource and Cultural Center provides a wide range of support, resources, and programs for students from the African diaspora at UCSC. We encourage and facilitate student involvement and success in campus life, student organizations, academic excellence, and community engagement. The center provides leadership training, confliction resolution, advisement, and advocacy for the diasporic community on campus.
  • Educational Opportunity Programs

    • The Educational Opportunity Programs (EOP) provides a variety of academic and personal support programs designed to improve the retention and academic success of first-generation college students from low-income and educationally disadvantaged backgrounds and to ensure they successfully complete their undergraduate education and acquire the skills to prepare for graduate and professional school as well as future leadership roles.
  • EOP AB-540 Student Services

    • The 540% Slug Caucus was developed by AB-540 students for AB-540 students to provide a space for our 540% Slug Community here at UCSC, so we can come together and share our experiences, our struggles, and our needs as AB-540 students here at the university. Our goal is to create a support group that will enhance a safe space for our own community, with the purpose of helping each other out in this journey of pursuing our DREAMS for a Higher Education.
  • Tutoring Services/ Writing Center

    • Learning Support Services at UCSC offers the following programs to help students excel academically:
      • Modified Supplemental Instruction (MSI)
      • Tutoring (Subject and Writing)
      • Drop-in Writing and Math Assistance
  • Dreamweavers

    • The Dreamweavers society brings together volunteers to provide Dream Act students at UCSC with a supportive, cross-generational community and to reach out to pre-college undocumented immigrant youths to help them see a path forward toward a UCSC education.
  • SIN (Students Informing Now)

    • Students Informing Now is a student org at UC Santa Cruz dedicated to the advancement of undocumented and documented students. We are a support group that provides information and resources for students. The group uses narrative and stories to build a collective community around immigrant rights. We use Paulo Freire’s popular education for our organizing model. We work to imagine a different world and we believe that another world is possible.

  • Athletics & Recreation

    • OPERS provides a wide variety of professional programs and physical activities that promote and enhance community, learning, leadership, lifelong wellness, and academic success.
  • CAPS

    • CAPS staff provides the UCSC community with a wide rage o f mental health services, including short-term individual and couples counseling, group counseling, crisis assessment and intervention, and referral services.

Additional Resources: